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Students who would like to participate in the Private Pilot Ground School must register with Aviation Online Training via e-mail prior to the first schedule class date and pre purchase 2 hours of Virtual Classroom Credits. The classes are held on WebTrain's virtual classroom software.

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WebTrain's Participant Tutorial

Books and materials required for the class can be purchased from Aviation Online Training's Course Materials Catalog or from Gleim's web site. Please mention Aviation Online Training when ordering from Gleim.

Required Materials

  • Gleim's Private Pilot and Recreational Pilot FAA Written Exam Book
  • Gleim's Private Pilot FAA Test Prep Software Version 4.4
  • FAR/AIM Federal Aviation Regulations and Airmans Information Manual
  • Standard E6B-Type Flight Computer
  • Navigational Plotter
  • Each class will last about two hours, depending on the material to be covered.

    To receive credit for completing the ground school you must attend 9 of the 11 classes.

    Upon completion of a final exam, by a registered student who has attended 9 of the 11 class sessions, and e-mailed the test results to Aviation Online Training utilizing the Gleim Private Pilot Test Prep Software you will be faxed or mailed your completion certificate authorizing you to take the FAA Written Exam.

    Make up classes are available at twice the normal rate and at the convenience of both the student and instructor.

    Course Syllabus

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