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The minimum credits to enroll in the Private Pilot Ground School are 2 hours of virtual class credits which are pre-purchased
prior to the first scheduled ground school class. For all other classes here is a minimum 1 hour virtual class credit charge for all class sessions.

Additional time, if necessary beyond the first hour in the virtual classroom is at a pro-rated amount.

1 Hour of Virtual Class Credit Add
2 Hours of Virtual Class Credit Add
4 Hours of Virtual Class Credit Add
Private Pilot Ground School One time Full Payment Add

Ground School Students who purchase the "Private Pilot Ground School One Time Full Payment" option will receive 11 weeks of virtual classroom instruction for the same price as 9 weeks. You Save $100 dollars off the regular price.

Students, who are enrolled in schedule classes will be notified via e-mail of Virtual Class Credits (VCCs) remaining. A minimum of 2 VCC's must be maintained to attend the next live event.